The 30 Day Workshop packs a lot of health information into a fantastic, team building month.

The workshop is customizable for your business's unique needs, but not customizable for each individual participant- making it a streamlined and cost effective way to bring a wellness program in. The workshop meets 1 time per week for four consecutive weeks and all participants have access to a secret face book group where they can share pictures, progress, and support each other through discussion questions and challenges. 

Features of the 30 Day Workshop:

  • A unique program will be created for your crew and will develop differently based on the health concerns of the group. Topics covered will be:
  1.  Taking a break from addictive substances
  2.  Healthy eating and eating before work
  3.  Exercise, activity, and kitchen yoga
  4. Hydration and the importance of water and staying cool
  • Epic team building comes out of supporting each other through healthy changes. No one wants to get sick or fat or die young. Even if it seems super uncool to make healthy choices, people really do get on board when they are all in it together. Your team will come out on the other side better friends, a more cohesive team, and better equipped to hold each other accountable for healthy choices.
  • Your crew will learn ways to communicate and socialize with each other outside the confines of drinking at the bar after work. These skills will translate into their lives, helping them to a healthier and happier life outside of work.