5 Easy ways to create a healthier kitchen

These simple changes will make the lives of your kitchen crew happier and healthier. 
Here's where to start:

1. 86 Energy Drinks. First and foremost, you have got to have a firm rule against energy drinks. They are the absolute worst. Not only do they pack an insane amount of sugar and caffeine, they are also full of dyes and chemicals that are probably giving you all cancer right now. Allowing your team to over caffeinate does not help out service in the long run, they are going to be crashing and in far worse moods than they would be if they had just stuck to coffee. If you want the most out of your staff, make sure they have a different beverage.

2. No More Free Soda. While we are on the subject of beverages, you've got to cut out the free soda. Chugging down sugar all day is really terrible for your health, is going to make you fat and could give you diabetes. It's really stupid. Give your team the option of sparkling water instead, and provide flavorings to go in it like lemons or limes or emergen-c packets. They will get an immune system boost and will feel way better all around from not having all of that sugar in their system. 

3. Use shared experience for team building. When people feel like they are part of a group that is all feeling the same way about something- it makes life easier. This can work to your advantage come payday, or the day before payday that is. On the day before people get paid, start a tradition of bringing a simple, build your own meal for your team to share. It can be as simple as grabbing bread, strawberry jam and peanut butter. The act of bonding over being broke right before payday will bring your team closer, and make them not feel like they are alone in their problems. 

4. Find a way to get them some veggies- for free. This could mean offering a side salad free with the menu item they order, building veggies into every plate that they get, or even making available carrots and other raw veggies to snack on. Vegetables make us healthier in all of the ways, including making us feel better and more energized, and helping us to not get sick. The more veggies you can get your crew to eat, the better your service will be. 

5. Encourage talk about life outside of work and instigate team activities that don't involve drinking whenever you can.  The more your team knows about each other, the more they will realize they have in common. Feeling like part of a team can boost health and productivity by giving people a reason to work hard. Loneliness and isolation literally make us sick. Investing your time and energy in getting to know your crew, and making sure they get to know each other, will pay off right away. 

For more information about how to keep your crew healthy, or to set up a group health program for your kitchen, contact me for a free consultation.