Kicking ass and getting the job done. It’s you 2.0

The Chef Power Program

Getting you the energy you need to succeed.

Talk to any Chef and you will hear the same story. They need more energy. They are slowing down as they get older. They are feeling run down from years of long hours at stressful jobs. They are overweight and having health problems from their diet and lifestyle. They pour their heart and soul in to the care of other people, but they don't put that same care into their own bodies.

Who has time for healthy habits? Sleep and exercise often get sacrificed to make room for family and social time. Maintaining relationships while working the top position is challenging. Chefs work at a labor of love, and it takes a toll. They need energy, fire, and a quick mind to make it to the top, to perform at peak level, but every part of their job tries to drag them down.

Imagine reigniting the flame of passion for your work.

Imagine cooking if you were 30 pounds lighter, the ease in your knees and back, the lightness in your step. Imagine heading into work each day with a clear, calm mind. Knowing that you could handle anything that was thrown at you. Imagine heading to the doctor's office and getting positive results. Imagine giving yourself another decade or two to be able to achieve the success you dream of.

I once worked with a Chef who was losing his edge.

He had contacted me for help with weight loss, which is a common entry point into the work that I do. When we got to talking, it became clear that the weight was only one of several problems that he had in his life and for his career, and they were all tied together around one thing- stress. He was so stressed out that he couldn’t sleep, could’t eat properly, and was unable to find the time in the day to take care of himself. He was very invested in the restaurant and was determined to make it run, at a huge cost to himself.

By isolating the major points of stress and adding in stress and anxiety reduction techniques, as well as using the tools of the program to add in healthy foods and water, he began to sleep better. After he began to sleep better, he began to feel better. Once he felt better, he could communicate better, he could see the big picture and find ways to delegate and take days off. Once he was getting 2 days off a week, he began taking hikes with his family and riding his bike again. Once he began exercising, he had enough energy to start cooking health foods at home, and making a lunch every morning. Once he started bringing his lunch to work and eating it, he started to really lose the weight.

The Chef Power Program hits every aspect of your life,  allowing you to rise to the top in all areas. It’s impossible to reach your goals if there is something holding you back- we will figure out what that thing is, and get you moving forward.

What are some other options for getting your energy up?

  1. Coffee and energy drinks: These give you a short lived boost of energy, but the crash is always coming. You develop a dependence on caffeine, which weakens your ability to pick up the pace when you really need to. And who wants to be reliant on a drug to get them through the day?

  2. Crash diets and extreme cleanses: We have all done this- gone keto or gone gluten free or gone vegan. I’m cutting out booze for January or coffee for February! The problem with setting diet extremes is that you will always swing back to the other side- like a pendulum. Where there is one extreme, there is another. Something else to consider- you are an animal. When you begin extreme calorie restriction, your body decides that it’s famine time and holds onto fat stores as much as it can. This is not the way to go about getting the weight off! Only a holistic, whole body approach to weight loss will get you the results that you need to get back to feeling your best.

  3. Starting an exercise regiment: This can be a great tool for feeling your best, but jumping into a crazy gym schedule without balancing out other aspects of your life is going to end up the same way it does for most people- with the gym bag sitting sadly in the back of the closet, and you watching those monthly gym payments come out, waiting until your contract is up and you can finally cancel! Your healthy life is like a table, if you just stick one leg on it, it’s never going to stand up! You need a balance in life, you need a program that sets you up for success across the board.

The Chef Power Program is designed for how you live and work. We will work through three stages to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Your success in life and in your career is entirely dependent on how you prepare, and how you show up.

Powerful Home

Stage 1 is all about setting up a solid home base for you to launch from. This foundation stage will include practices such as : Cooking and eating healthy foods at home. Meal prepping for better work weeks, cutting out the lazy snacking that sabotages your health.

We will look at the morning and bedtime routines of the most successful people on the planet and get you started on your own routine.

In this stage you will establish regular eating habits. You will see a marked improvement in your mood, your energy levels, and your sleep quality.

Powerful Work

Stage 2 brings the focus to the kitchen. We will tackle your habits when you are at your busiest, and establish routines that you can use to drive your success. We will be working on: bringing and eating a lunch and ways to incorporate self care at work. We will build on your morning routine to set up a successful shift every time.

We will learn and practice interpersonal skills and how to be a better leader and a better team member.

In this stage you will notice smoother, more energized shifts. You will be better able to stay calm in tough situations. You will gain the ability to focus and sustain incredible work until the job is done.

Powerful Life

In stage 3 we put it all together to set you up for an all around better life. We will look at aspects of your lifestyle that are holding you back. You will get outside more and work on stress management techniques that will change your whole perspective. We will get you sleeping on a regular schedule so that your body can repair itself and re-energize for the next day.

You will start looking to the future and setting goals for success that you know you can reach.

In this stage you will notice an increase in energy both in and out of work. You will experience weight loss, clearing skin, and better overall health.

When you sign up for the 3 month program, you will receive:

  • 6 one on one sessions with Health Coach Laura McWilliams, by phone or video call.

  • A clear map of your goals and how you will reach them.

  • Accountability check ins by text or email.

  • The opportunity to share difficulties and concerns with a health professional and find solutions.

The Chef Power Program is custom designed based on your life and your job. My techniques and recommendations come from my own 15 years of industry experience, and from the shared experience of other Chefs and restaurant workers that I have worked with in the past. We live life differently than other people, only an industry and kitchen specific health program will address our needs.

This program offers you the chance to regain your health, energy, and power- and rise to the success that you were meant for.

Because you already took the time to complete the 5 day energy challenge, I know that you are ready.

For you, there is a bonus!

By signing up before the end of January, you will get:

  • One bonus session- that’s 7 sessions for the price of 6!

  • A complete, done for you pre work prep list- a step by step guide to setting each day up for success. Complete with recipes and ideas for super simple breakfast and lunch.

  • The deep discount only available to the first 5 people who sign up after the energy challenge.

The 3 month program with all of the bonus material is available to you for only:


I have 5 slots available at this price. If you are ready and motivated, don’t wait!

Most Chefs drop out of the big time just when they have enough experience and knowledge to really take off. The health toll that kitchen work and the kitchen lifestyle take on your body and mind are too much to overcome without a plan. If you want to be able to reach the next level, you have got to stay in the game. Are you ready to take the next step?

Where could your career take you if you had the energy, health, and clarity to rise to the top?

This is your chance to change your life.