The Chef Power Program

Getting you the energy you need to succeed.

The Chef Power Program is designed for how you live and work. We will work through three stages to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Your success in life and in your career is entirely dependent on how you prepare, and how you show up.

Powerful Home

Stage 1 is all about setting up a solid home base for you to launch from. This foundation stage will include practices such as : Cooking and eating healthy foods at home. Meal prepping for better work weeks, cutting out the lazy snacking that sabotages your health.

We will look at the morning and bedtime routines of the most successful people on the planet and get you started on your own routine.

In this stage you will establish regular eating habits. You will see a marked improvement in your mood, your energy levels, and your sleep quality.

Powerful Work

Stage 2 brings the focus to the kitchen. We will tackle your habits when you are at your busiest, and establish routines that you can use to drive your success. We will be working on: bringing and eating a lunch and ways to incorporate self care at work. We will build on your morning routine to set up a successful shift every time.

We will learn and practice interpersonal skills and how to be a better leader and a better team member.

In this stage you will notice smoother, more energized shifts. You will be better able to stay calm in tough situations. You will gain the ability to focus and sustain incredible work until the job is done.

Powerful Life

In stage 3 we put it all together to set you up for an all around better life. We will look at aspects of your lifestyle that are holding you back. You will get outside more and work on stress management techniques that will change your whole perspective. We will get you sleeping on a regular schedule so that your body can repair itself and re-energize for the next day.

You will start looking to the future and setting goals for success that you know you can reach.

In this stage you will notice an increase in energy both in and out of work. You will experience weight loss, clearing skin, and better overall health.

Where could your career take you if you had the energy, health, and clarity to rise to the top?

This is your chance to change your life.