Beer Belly

Beer bellies just come with age, right? Every Chef seems to have one, but are they really from drinking too much beer? That’s definitely not the whole story, but it is a big part of it!  

Alcohol gets a lot of the blame for good reason- drinking makes you hungry, it also makes you eat crap that you wouldn’t eat if you weren’t drinking or hungover. It causes the liver to burn alcohol rather than fat, so more fat is getting stored. But the biggest reason? It’s just a lot of calories. A pint of microbrew is going to run you 250 + calories. Drink 5 after work and you may as well eaten a big mac and fries. That shit adds up! ( especially if you ate the burger and fries alongside those pints! Yikes!)

So why the hard belly? It’s all about how the belly gets pushed out. It’s not the fat that’s hard, it’s your stomach muscles and tissue that are hard. The fat is still soft, but it’s visceral fat, the kind that is packed in around your internal organs, and it’s packed in there so tightly that there isn’t a lot of jiggle. If you have a soft belly, you are dealing with surface layer fat, or subcutaneus fat. This kind of fat jiggles and you can get a big pinch of it between your fingers. A bit of this fat is harmless, but a lot of it generally indicates a build up of visceral fat, the scary stuff. I love this article from Dr. Axe on visceral fat, it’s not too long, if you want to know everything there is to know about the gel like fat wrapping itself around your organs…

If the idea of filling the space between your internal organs with fat is terrifying, it should be! Having a hard belly is definitely a sign that it’s time to get serious about lifestyle changes. Let me know if you are ready to give up that beer belly for good, I am here to get you started!

Laura Mcwilliams