I am grateful for a lot of things in life right now and I make a point of reminding myself on a daily basis. There is a lot to be said about having a solid gratitude practice, It makes you happier, it helps you stay present, it de stresses and elevates your life. It trains your brain to look for the good everywhere in your life. If you haven’t already started a gratitude practice, today is the day. It’s easy. I do it 3 ways, you can start with 1!

1. Chipp and I have gotten in the habit of saying three things that we are grateful for before we eat dinner every night. It’s quick and easy, and fun to hear what has been going on with him throughout the day.  We are often both grateful for some of the same things; food, heat, having enough. It’s nice to have a nightly check in, and we hold each other accountable for getting our gratitude practice in. It’s the only one that I consistently do every day, because I have a reminder!

2. If you read my blog, you have heard me talk about Tim Ferriss before- he is a crazy person who gets stuff done. He has a podcast where he interviews successful people of all types about what their routines are and incorporates portions of those routines into his own. I do the same. One of Tim’s routines that I like the most is his 5 minute journal. It goes like this:

Every morning you jot down these three things:

-First, 3 things that you are grateful for

-Second, 3 things that would make today great

-Third, a personal affirmation. This is an I am statement for the day. I am amazing. I am going to work positive and not take things personally. I am in charge of my life. That sort of thing. ( learn more about affirmation writing in my free online health course HERE)

Every evening, you reflect on the day by writing down:

-Amazing things that happened today.

-How could I have made today better?

I try very hard to do this everyday but I definitely only do it 3 or 4 times a week. And that’s ok with me! It feels great to do, and I love having the evening reflection.

3. This last one comes from an author named AJ Jacobs, who writes about how to have an overall happier life. It does help with gratitude and happiness, but also with sleep! That’s a bonus! It’s a counting sheep style gratitude abc game. When you close your eyes at night, start at A and list one thing that you are grateful for that starts with each letter. It’s hard. But, like any good meditation, it keeps your mind focused on the task at hand and doesn’t allow all of your crazy thoughts to take over. Give it a try. It is challenging to come up with all the different things, but it sure puts me to sleep. I have never had to come up with things that start with L.

We all have a lot to be grateful for, and reminding ourselves of this regularly makes a huge impact on how we view the world. I challenge you to give one of these daily routines a try! Try it for a week, see if you don’t start thinking about how good things are more often. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

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