Kicking off 2019- New Year, New Goals!

This is not going to come as any surprise, but I love goal setting. And intentions and lists. New Years is totally my jam. I love the feeling of starting off fresh, of getting myself set up for another successful year. I use this time of year to get clear on where I want to head with my life, my business, and my relationships. I use the work I do at the new year to check in on my progress throughout the year and make sure that I am staying on track, or maybe deciding that I need to rethink a goal or intention.

As Chefs or restaurant workers, it’s very important to have goals and stay on track. This business moves at the speed of light, if you are not making intentional decisions, you may find yourself ending up somewhere that you don’t want. Setting up targets to hit when you are clear minded and then setting reminders to follow through when you are too busy to think will keep you moving toward your goals.

The goals for this year can be huge, like opening a restaurant or taking the exec spot. They can also be smaller, like staying at a job for a year, or packing a lunch every day, or riding your bike to work. It doesn’t matter how big or small the goal, you still need a plan to get there. Too many times we decide to do something only to forget about it a week later. How on earth do you get from decision to goal? By breaking your goal into smaller steps.

Each Goal has many smaller steps that you will take on the way to achieving it. For example, if your goal is to open a food truck, it may seem overwhelming to achieve. Where do you start? The first thing that you need to do is break that goal into smaller action steps. For example:

Open food truck:

  1. Save money

  2. Learn business skills

  3. Develop recipes

Those are three things that you need to do in order to reach your goal. From there, you can decide on small actionable steps that will lead you to each smaller goal:

  1. Save money:

    -Get another job or get a raise

    -Sell car and get a cheaper one with no payment

    -Get a roommate

    -Budget and cook at home more

  2. Learn business skills:

    -Sign up for a course at a community college

    -Contact the SBA

    -Find a mentor in your community

    -Read books and blogs

  3. Develop recipes

    -Cook at home like it’s your job

    -Research and try things out

    -Have dinner parties to share your food with others

See how that works? Instead of one huge, daunting goal, you now have a bunch of small action steps that you can start doing today to get you closer to your goal.

For the new year, goals come along with intentions and affirmations. This time of year, it’s more than just setting goals, its about setting yourself up to succeed for the year and beyond.

What will your 2019 plan look like? Download the worksheet below to create a solid foundation for getting shit done this year! If you need some inspiration, check out my New Year’s plan at the bottom of the page!

Laura’s 2019!

What are your top three goals for 2019 or three things that you want to accomplish in life that you can start on this year:

  1. I am going to stay on track this year with my projects and my business. I have clear goals for this year and I will avoid distractions!

  2. I will make time for family, friends and celebrations.

  3. I am going to continue my efforts toward having a daily meditation practice, and spending time doing inner work.

What are things that you can do to move you close to your goals?

  1. Keep focused on the projects that I know are moving me forward in my business. Keep providing high quality, consistent support and programming for my clients. Work toward offering even more to my clients in the future, and to future clients! Keep learning and engaging other people. Community building. Setting clear boundaries for work time and play time. Consistency in my messaging- planning ahead and sticking to my voice.

  2. Plan ahead for each week- setting clear times for getting work done, and spending time with friends and family. Plan ahead for each month, making sure that I include everyone that I want to spend time with by scheduling a date or activity or phone call. Don’t let holidays sneak up! Plan ahead and give enough lead time to ensure that I enjoy the celebrations. Don’t overdo it. Say yes to plans that sound energizing and fun, and say no when it feels taxing. Write cards!

  3. Prioritize time for myself. Get to the yoga classes, turn off the sound when I am home and just be. Use my timers and reminders to keep me on track. Ask for help and talk to others who are doing the same thing.

What are things that you know you need to avoid in order to reach your goals?

Scrolling though social media. Thinking up fancy new projects and spending a bunch of time on planning them. Putting so many things on the schedule that I feel overwhelmed and need to cancel plans. Too much phone time! Overthinking social media. Getting into all or nothing thinking. Constantly listening to something. Taking too many naps. Letting days go by without thinking about them.

What are some words that come to mind to help you stay on track to your goals?

Focus, consistency, connection

Laura Mcwilliams