How to stay healthy when everyone is getting sick.

Omg everyone is sick around me! It is that time of the year, sicknesses abound and time off does not. If you need to stay healthy this month, and keep your staff healthy, here are some heavy hitting tools that you can use everyday. Plus a few ideas for when you are all working under the weather!

  1. Get rid of sugar. Or cut it out as much as you can. There are a lot of different opinions about whether sugar helps or hurts you when you are sick, but studies def show that sugar can suppress the immune system and cause inflammation, so it’s best to cut it out if you are trying to stay healthy.

  2. Drink more fluids. And not sugary or caffeinated ones! Definitely get your morning coffee in, but then switch to tea, water, soda water, hot water with lemon, emergen c, and more water. There is nothing like a soda water on ice with emergen c to pick you up!

  3. Lay off the party nights. There is nothing quite as effective at killing off your immune system as the combo of booze and cigarettes. If you keep getting sick, or can’t seem to get over your sickness- this is a great place to start.

  4. Hit the apple cider vinegar. And I mean the good stuff! Grab a bottle of Braggs for your kitchen and encourage everyone to partake. Fill up a glass of water, add a splash of apple cider vin, and drink. ACV has an incredible ability to cut through congestion and clear mucus. Start drinking it the moment you feel the funk coming on.

  5. Try out a neti pot. It’s not something to do when anyone is watching, but this little tool has totally changed my life. I used to always get a sinus infection that followed my colds, and I got colds a lot due to my lifestyle of working a ton and partying the rest of the time. My naturopathic doctor recommended to me using a neti pot with a tea made from water, dried thyme, and sea salt. I did the rinse twice in one day and then I blew the entire sinus infection out of my nose into a tissue. Sound gross? It was! But it was also super awesome. I’m a neti pot lifer.

  6. Try the thyme tea in your neti pot, but also as a tea to drink. Take a tsp of dried thyme or a Tbs of fresh, and add it to a cup of boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes, strain, drink. Add lemon and honey if you like. Make a big pot and serve it to your whole crew! Thyme has incredible antifungal and antiviral properties. I’ll bet you have some laying around, don’t you?

  7. Whole garlic is amazing for helping fight off whatever you are brewing. Take a whole clove, crush or chop and swallow whole, like a pill. Best taken with food, and it’s not for everyone.

  8. Sleep! All of the possible hours should be devoted to sleep if you are sick or thinking about getting sick. It makes all the difference. The world will still be there when you get over your cold, take this time out to let your body heal itself.

  9. Feed a fever, feed a cold. Don’t stop eating. When you are sick, your body needs just as many calories as when you are healthy. If you have a fever, and your body temp is elevated, you need even more calories because you burn them faster. If you have no appetite, drink broth or eat small meals. But definitely keep eating. If you have a staff member who is under the weather and still working hard for you, treat them to lunch.

  10. If you are super congested, try out some of those adhesive nasal strips. They are the least sexy thing you can wear to bed, but they really do help open nasal passages and help you breathe while you are trying to sleep yourself back to health.

Laura Mcwilliams