Episode 4: Mataio Gillis, Ciao Thyme

Today I am talking with Mataio Gillis, Chef of Ciao Thyme Restaurant and Catering and Co owner with his wife, Jessica. Ciao Thyme is located at 207 Unity Street in Bellingham. You can find out more about them at their website, www.ciaothyme.com. 


Chef Talk Podcast is a weekly show bringing you interviews from kitchens around Bellingham and Whatcom County. Having this podcast helps to fulfill one of the core values of Sparklefish Wellness- Elevating the Industry. By creating visibility for people who work in kitchens and opening up the conversation about what it's like to work in the back of the house, I hope to help our community make a connection between the food they order and the people who make it. 

Join me next week when I will be talking to Drew Trapanier from Melvin Brewing. Have a great week!

Laura Mcwilliams