Episode 5: Drew Trepanier, Melvin Brewing

Today I am down at Melvin Brewing, talking to Chef Drew Trepanier. You can visit Melvin at 2416 Meridian st in Bellingham. Find out more at their website, www.melvinbrewing.com

Chef Talk Podcast is a weekly show bringing you interviews from kitchens around Bellingham and Whatcom County. Having this podcast helps to fulfill one of the core values of Sparklefish Wellness- Elevating the Industry. By creating visibility for people who work in kitchens and opening up the conversation about what it's like to work in the back of the house, I hope to help our community make a connection between the food they order and the people who make it. 

Join me next week when I will be talking to Chef Christy Fox of Evolve Chocolates.

Laura Mcwilliams