Episode 14: Norman and Kristin Six, Lovitt Restaurant

Lovitt Restaurant! This place is super cool. Norman and Kristin draw from traditional ways of preparing food and eating to create meals that are healthy, local, and delicious. They bring in whole animals from local farms, source all of their veggies, fruit, and eggs from local farms, and feature lots of other local products such as cheeses and dairy. Preparing well raised, grass fed animals and making their own bone broths are key elements to their cuisine, as well as making their own pastas, breads, sauces, everything! They have a full line up of live music to enjoy while you dine, and a play area to keep the kids from screaming all the way through dinner ( yay!) Lovitt is a family place, run by a family, and designed to feed your family in a wholly satisfying way. It is definitely worth the trip to Fairhaven to check them out. You can find them at 1114 Harris, or on the web at lovittrestaurant.com

Chef Talk Podcast is a radio show bringing you interviews from kitchens around Bellingham and Whatcom County. Having this podcast helps to fulfill one of the core values of Sparklefish Wellness- Elevating the Industry. By creating visibility for people who work in kitchens and opening up the conversation about what it's like to work in the back of the house, I hope to help our community make a connection between the food they order and the people who make it. 

Laura Mcwilliams