Your skin tells a story

Your skin is your largest organ, right? Did you know that it’s also used as a filtration system? Our body uses lots of ways to try to get rid of toxins. First line of defense is your liver and kidneys, and your respiratory tract for airborne crap. If those systems get overloaded, however, the skin is next in line. Anything that can leave the body through a liquid can be detoxed through the skin if the liver and kidneys are overworked ( by booze and caffeine!). These water soluble toxins are called crystals- they are products of eating fatty food, red meat, sugar, dairy. You know, all the good stuff! A diet full of this stuff plus heat?! That’s a recipe for a ton of sweat and rashes.

In a lot of ways, your skin is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside your body. if your diet is high in fat, sugar, and rich foods, you will see the results not only on your waistline, but on your face and body. The bumps, pimples, rashes and flush? That's skin being irritated as these crystals leave your body.  If that seems scary, I totally understand. The thought of your body pushing things out through your skin is pretty gross. But it also means that you have the power to change what your skin looks and feels like. That’s huge! 

Cutting back on the foods that irritate your skin will definitely help right away, as will drinking more water, and less booze and caffeine. Getting more exercise will help with getting toxic things through your system faster. If you already have a pretty good diet, get enough exercise, and are still have skin issues- you may be dealing with a food sensitivity. That just means your body is treating a normal, healthy food as a toxin. Common ones are tomatoes, peppers, and other nightshades, spicy foods, dairy, chocolate, even some fruits. You will have to experiment with different foods to find out what makes you break out. 

Knowing that you can take control of your skin through diet and lifestyle is only half of the battle. Actually cutting foods out and making time for exercise while doing the work that you do is the other half! The good news? I know that it's possible because I see people do it everyday. With enough commitment, drive, accountability, and support, you can reach your goals!

Laura Mcwilliams