Women's Chef Coats and Jackets that you can totally rock

Ladies, I know you feel me on this one: we need nice jackets and pants for work. The baggy, ugly, unisex stuff just doesn’t cut it. Luckily for us, there are quite a few companies getting with the program and offering coats, jackets, shirts, pants, aprons- even jumpsuits (!) designed for the bad ass fem chef.

(Like that coat in the thumbnail pic? It’s from lost car chef apparel)

Check out these companies for the best of kitchen gear for women:

Crowd favorite: Sandra Harvey Chef Apparel

Sandra is designing for the ladies in the kitchen, with the motto “Wear Something The Boys Can’t”

  • Bad ass women’s chef coats and jackets

  • Women’s chef pants

  • Women’s aprons

  • Custom chef jacket embroidery

The Coolest Urban Digs: Tilit NYC

I had no idea that I wanted/needed a cool jumpsuit to wear to work until I visited Tilit. WTF? Talk about cutting edge kitchen fashion, these folks are rocking it. I love the ladies jackets and aprons as well.

  • Ladies chef jackets and coats

  • Ladies work shirts

  • Cool aprons

  • Pizza print work shirts ( who doesn’t want that?)

  • Ladies Chef jumpsuits

Fun and Funky Gear: Lost Car Chef Apparel

A whole slew of great coats- you have got to go check out the denim!

  • Ladies chef jacket

  • Cool aprons

  • Fun kitchen gear- hats, tees, knife rolls

Value, but still high quality: Happy Chef

Ok, here are some women’s chef coats you can buy in quantity ( no, seriously, they are cheap). Let’s be serious- not everyone wants or needs fancy jackets for work. If you need a few, you can get em here. They fit, they come in great colors, and there are lots of options.

  • Women’s chef jackets and coats

  • Women’s chef shirts

  • Women’s chef pants

  • Just fine aprons

High quality workhorse: Chef Works

Chef works is the most old school of the group, but they do have some good options. They make high quality clothing, I have some coats from chef works that have lasted almost 10 years. Not as cheap as happy chef, but probably better quality.

  • Ladies chef coats and jackets

  • Ladies chef shirts

  • Ladies chef pants

  • Chef hats

  • Aprons

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As a side note, I am not an affiliate for any of these companies. I just love awesome kitchen gear and wanted to share!

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Laura Mcwilliams