Yelp VS Job Security.

Let’s talk about competition. With yourself, with your co workers, with management. It is stressful enough to do this crazy, hard, fast, repetitive work, having to do it under the pressure of losing your job is maddening. Lack of job security is an industry standard. One day, your boss could decide you are done. Or, they could decide that they are done and you show up to a locked door. It happens all too often.

Part of the turnover rate in this industry can be blamed on the fact that we almost never feel 100% secure in our positions. There is always that little chance that it could end suddenly. One of the big causes of that? Constant customer review.

It’s great to get good feedback on your performance from your bosses, or employees, but there is no denying the fact that the real judges are the diners. Sometimes uneducated, hungry, stingy, people who wandered in off the street and now get to share their opinion of your food with everyone on the internet. There is no way to plan for these people, and we all know that you can’t please everyone. That’s stressful! How do you keep going day after day, plate after plate, with the knowledge that any one single dish you send out could be the end of your career?

It’s a strange sort of mind game, and it doesn’t feel good. You know that you need to do your best, you know that things need to taste good, look good, be safe to eat. They need to go out in a timely manner, the servers need to do their end of the job. All of these different categories are on the exam, but you never have any idea what the criteria is for scoring. All you can do is use your best judgement, and trust that it will be good enough. And when you are not there? You trust the entire staff to use their best judgement. It seems like we should be testing for judgement when we hire, right along with knife skills!

There is a lot of trust required to run a kitchen, and trust can cause serious anxiety. It’s what keeps Chefs in the kitchen for 20 hours a day, it’s what keeps them up at night. Are we doing a good enough job? What is good enough? How can we trust our employees to keep up standards when we leave?

It’s  different here. We only have each other to fall back on, and we only have each other to talk to. People in other industries cannot even begin to understand the nuances of the business. It’s a team job, it’s a family, it’s an ever changing list of fires to put out. The stresses of running and working in kitchens digs deep, it crosses into every aspect of our lives. We don’t get taught stress management skills before we start, or at any point in our careers. We don’t have the proper healthcare to manage conditions. We are in competition with our teammates, and that can be isolating.

These are the the reasons that I do the work that I do. When I started coaching Chefs, I realized that I had found my calling. Chefs need to be strong, fast, mentally sharp, and full of energy. So many of them cannot look beyond their job to be able to take care of themselves. The stress takes over and manifests itself in all sorts of ways, from mental health issues, to physical health issues, to lost sleep and addictions.

If you are suffering from job or life related stress and anxiety, if you are carrying the last 20 years in extra weight, if you never remember to have a meal, if you never go to sleep sober. Let’s talk.

Coaching is solution focused, and goals driven. It will get you to where you need to be in order to be successful in this industry, and in your life. I design programs just for this industry. I get results using techniques that are based on how your life works.

One call could change everything. I am always available to jump on the phone for a free 1 hour session.

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