Kitchen Yoga

A few months ago, Chipp, my partner and a great yoga teacher, and I teamed up to create a kitchen yoga video to go with my Mise En Place online program. I just realized the other day that I never shared the video here! Here it is in all of it’s glory! Thanks to the Bellingham Cider Company for the use of their kitchen, and to Chef Dirul for being such a great sport!

Stretching is everything. I work super early mornings these days and sometimes all i have time for is a shower, coffee, and a stretch before grabbing my breakfast and out the door. It has made such a huge difference in my body and how long I am able to work without pain or fatigue. I do a very simple series of stretches while I have my coffee and I am good to go. Maybe I will make a video about that soon!

When I am at work, I stretch all day. Especially my forearms, shoulders and lower back. It’s during this time stretching that I also remember to breathe. Two birds with one stone! I loosen my muscles up and get them ready for more and I also calm my brain and respiratory system.

Try this out in your kitchen, with your body and your crew. I would love to hear any feedback about the poses in the video and any poses that you find yourself doing at work.

If you are interested in Mise En Place, you can learn more about it here!