Cooking is a sport.

You are an athlete.

How you prepare and how you show up will make or break your career.



My name is Laura, and I specialize in coaching Chefs and Industry Leaders back to the top of their game.

As a former Chef, Pastry Chef, and Restaurant owner, I understand how hard it is to do this job and keep your energy up. I offer the Chef Power Program to people who are ready to change their lives.

The Chef Power Program is a 6 month private coaching transformation.

  • Stage 1: Powerful Home

    A chance to kick start your healthy eating habits, and get your morning and evening routines inline with those of the most successful people on the planet. We will kick lazy snacking to the curb and fill you will foods that energize and heal.

    In this stage you will establish regular eating habits. You will see a marked improvement in your mood, your energy levels, and your sleep quality.

  • Stage 2: Powerful Work

    Now we take the focus to the kitchen. You will start training your mind to work in ways that are more sustainable for your body and your mind. You will learn interpersonal skills and how to be a better leader and team member.

    In this stage you will notice better, more energized shifts. You will be better able to stay calm in tough situations. You will gain the ability to focus and sustain incredible work until the job is done.

  • Stage 3: Powerful Life

    Here we get to bring it all together. We will tackle stress management and look at the places in your lifestyle where you are sabotaging your success. You will work on sleep habits and improve the quality of your sleep so that your body can repair and re-energize. You will start making plans for your future success. You will set goals that you know you can reach.

    In this stage you will notice an increase in energy both in and out of work. You will experience weight loss, clearing skin, and better overall health.

Your health and your energy are key elements to your success in this industry.

Let’s get you back to the top of your game.